събота, 27 август 2016 г.

кажи ми нещо

Кажи ми нещо пеещо, носещо, парещо, хапещо, нещо, което не знаем

Кажи ми нещо светещо, водещо, бъдеще търсещо 

вторник, 5 юли 2016 г.

Without you

Since I've been walking solo
Dreaming you were back home

I find getting down low
Hide until tomorrow

Come back into the good life
Lose these hazy love lies
I've been chasing my mind
Lonely in the cold nights

Cause I'm kicking up stones without you
Can't pick up the phone without you
I'm a little bit lost without you
Without you

And I'm digging down holes without you
Can't be on my own without you
I'm a little bit lost without you
Without you

сряда, 26 август 2015 г.

A heart of steel starts to grow

When you've been fighting for it all your life
You've been struggling to make things right

You've been working every day and night
That's how a superhero learns to fly

Every day, every hour
Turn the pain into power

She's got lions in her heart
A fire in her soul
He's got a beast in his belly
That's so hard to control
'Cause they've taken too much hits
Taking blow by blow
Now light a match, stand back, watch them explode


You’re like a circus running through my mind
Got those sneaky eyes, what you trynna hide?
You’re like a hurricane inside my veins
But I like it babe, so bring on the break

Let me fall, let me fall, baby let me drown
Can’t breathe, can’t breathe, give me mouth-to-mouth
Got my heartbeat pressing, that’s slowing down
Got me sweating and I’m shaking, I’m freaking out

I took your love, think I took too much
Somebody call the doctor

I’m getting crazy, going back and forth
Caught inside your storm
But I want some more
I hope your kisses and your gentle touch
Come on, keep me up ‘cause I need the rush

You know you've got that thing

That makes the girls all swing
You know exactly what you do
You like the hit and run
You say it's all for fun
You think that I'm the one for you

Boy if you wanna go I would not mind
But I'm not the kind of drum you play one time

I know I've got that sway that makes the boys all stay
I know the way that men can be
I like it smooth and slow
Give it some time to grow
That's something you should know about me


I hear the BELLS, I hear the wind
I hear a song in my HEART again,
Then the tenderness moves all things
Like a poltergeist in the streets
It's a silly RUSH that I used to get
Singing Billy boy, being born again
I could teleport to the stars
Count the strange when I'm all ALONE

'Cause you really HOLD ME DOWN LIKE THAT
'Cause you really know what's DOWN LIKE THAT

Do you FEEL IT when you ride like that?
Do you FEEL IT 'cause you're DOWN LIKE THAT

It's just a story
Though is it a story though?
I can't tell if it happen 'cause it felt impossible
Don't know whether it was real or a dream,
IMAGINATION playing tricks on me!!
Now, tell me what you know
Is it a story or
And I'll let go on rockin' knockin' at my door
What's the difference if it's real or a dream?!
IMAGINATION playing tricks on me!!
What's the difference in the love or a scheme
The difference in what you say, what you mean
I'm losing touch with the physical
I'm showing up in the future like
I've been here before
Ain't that a story though, like you ain't here no
Somebody switching the digits upon my Casio